Analytical heat budget of a Natural Machilus zuihoensis Forest in Southern Taiwan

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Analytical heat budget of a Natural Machilus zuihoensis Forest in Southern Taiwan
AuthorsChi Tang, 唐琦, Sen-Hsiung Hsu 徐森雄, & Fan-Chieh Yu 游繁結
出版日期Sep 7 2004 12:0

Southern Taiwan is full of agrometeorological resources and suitable for producing many kinds of tropical fruits. But, many agrometeorological disasters also exist due to the complexity of weather generating system. To fully use the agrometeorological and land resources, farmers often neglected the climatic safety and thus may suffered great economical losses. A four-year study was organized in 2003 with purposes of developing an integrated expert system for protecting agrometeorological disasters of tropical fruit trees in the area, particularly to wax apples and sugar apples. During the first year of this four-year project, a climatic database inquiring system was developed to allow easy access of daily climatic data from observation networks of CWB and agrometeorological observation networks. Users can make risk analysis, calculate statistics, or observe continuous records of selected stations. A crop database inquiring system was also developed to help users making decisions. Surveys conducted on local farmers indicated that cold, typhoon, and rainfall are three major agrometeorological disasters for wax apples and sugar apples and require immediate attention in developing protection schemes. Ten micrometeorological stations were also established in major producing areas to observe dynamic changes of various micrometeorological variables during the events of different disasters. Typhoon Dujuan, with maximum wind speed researched 16 ms-1, caused severe damages to southern Taiwan in 2003. Field test indicated that vertical steel pole method and wire-net hanger method are two promising methods to protect fruit trees from strong wind damages. Further experiments arrangements, regarding economical return of proposed mitigation methods to be conducted in coming three years, were also discussed

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