Insight into the population genetics of a metapopulation: a case study of Ceriops tagal (Rhizophoraceae) in the Gulf of Thailand.

in International Symposium (poster summary), 國際研討會(摘要海報發表)
標題Insight into the population genetics of a metapopulation: a case study of Ceriops tagal (Rhizophoraceae) in the Gulf of Thailand.
AuthorsYu-Chung Chiang, 江友中
出版日期Jul 7 2007 12:0
會議地點Chicago Illinois

For sessile organisms, such as plants, metapopulation structures have not been commonly described because colonization rates are difficult to quantify and population dynamics are difficult to monitor. In this paper we used the mangrove species, Ceriops tagal, as a model to test for metapopulation structuring in the Gulf of Thailand. Two fragments of chloroplast DNA spacers were used to trace propagule dispersal routes and to coalesce the demographic history of C. tagal. In our results, very high levels of genetic variation were detected in the chloroplast DNA, which were biased by non-neutrality, and indications that each subpopulation has a dynamic demographic history. These conclusions were supported by mismatch distribution results, which also indicated a stable demographic history across the entire C. tagal population (across all subpopulations) in the Gulf of Thailand. The results of an Analysis of Molecular Variance (AMOVA) indicated a structured genetic distribution at the population level, which was independent of geographic distribution. These results were supported by an insignificant relationship between geographic and genetic distances. Frequent maternal gene flow of C. tagal estimated by reciprocal FST and MCMC methods supported the results of a nested clade analysis, which indicated that past gene flow was followed by several extinction events. Although extinction events probably structured the recent mangrove distribution, the frequent gene flow from propagule dispersal may help stabilize the whole population. We conclude that C. tagal has a classical metapopulation structure in this closed Gulf and that genetic reshuffling increases the genetic diversity of C. tagal subpopulations.

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