Study on anthocyanin markers in the family of Zingiberaceae.

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Study on anthocyanin markers in the family of Zingiberaceae.
AuthorsLu Ting-Sen, 呂廷森

The objective of this study is to elucidate the distribution of anthocyanin in Zingiberaceae plants and to investigate the feasibility of utilizing anthocyanin markers in chemotaxonomy. Also investigated is the relationship between the flower colors and the composition of anthocyanin. This study utilized chromatographic and spectroscopic methods to investigate the anthocyanin distribution among 67 samples of 41 species under 9 genera in Zingiberaceae. Results of the study showed that the type of anthocyanidin was varied greatly and the composition could be divided into 9 categories. Among them, cyanidin (Cy) and delphinidin (Dp) were the most widely distributed pigments at 58% and 54%, respectively. They were followed by malvidin (Mv), petunidin (Pt) and pelargonidin (Pg). Petunidin, however, has not yet to be found. Determination of the relationship between the flower colors and the composition of anthocyanidin showed that the red color series contained mainly Cy, the orange color series contained Pg or Cy, and the red-purple color series were mainly composed of Dp and Mv. On the basis of its composition, anthocyanin, too, could be divided into 9 groups. Of the 9 groups, three were considered as major pigments and they are: anthocyanin 1) Dp 3-malonyglucoside, anthocyanin 2) Cy 3-rutinoside, and anthocyanin 3) Mv 3-rutinoside. Dp 3-malonyglucoside could be used as a chemical marker for such monocotyledon plants as Zingiberaceae and Mv 3-rutinoside was considered as a chemotaxonomic marker of Curcuma among the genera of Zingiberaceae. Results of the application of anthocyanin markers in chemotaxonomy of Zingiberaceae showed that it was consistent, on the levels of subfamily and tribe, with the results of the taxonomy using traditional morphological characteristics. The composition of anthocyanin in Zingiberaceae was considered as unique characteristics among the members of monocotyledon families. The findings of this study may serve as an important reference in the chemotaxonomy of Zingiberaceae and provide valuable information for breeding flowers with new color series.

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