Effectiveness of Three Fire Retardants for Treating Interior Plywood

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標題Effectiveness of Three Fire Retardants for Treating Interior Plywood
Authors1998/3, 王秀華

Fire performance and related physical characteristics were determined for 9 mm thick 5 ply plywood ,made of red lauan (Shorea sp.) (face) and radiata pine (Pinus radiata) (core) veneers impregnated before assembly with one of three ammonium-based fire retardants and bonded with melamine urea resin adhesive.

The three retardants improved improved control of surface flammability 146-329% in exhausting temperature increment, 52-100% in heat generation, 70-95% in fuming factor, 46-100% in after-flame time, and 38-70% in weight loss percentage. A diammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, boric acid, borax solution (C) showed the greatest improvement, and an ammonium sulfate, zinc chloride solution (W) the least.

The hygroscopicity of the treated plywood correlated positively with the chemical retention and negatively with the amount of spread of adhesive. Ammonium phosphate, boric acid treated (L) specimens were least hygroscopic while those treated with C were most hygroscopic. Moisture content of the treated specimens varied proportionally with the retentions. Among the examined treatments, only C at 10% concentration and L at 10 or 20% met the CNS 6532 specification. All treatments except C with the lower adhesive spread passed the Type II peeling test.

The ammonium phosphate, boric acid treatment (L) showed most improvement when considering both fire retardancy and physical properties. Such a treatment is recommended for p[lywood to be used for interior woodwork.

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