Transcript Profile of Mutant Flower Buds of Phalaenopsis by cDNA-RAPD

in National workshop (full text oral presentation), 國內研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Transcript Profile of Mutant Flower Buds of Phalaenopsis by cDNA-RAPD
AuthorsFure-Chyi Chen, 陳福旗

Tissue culture has been widely used for mass production of Phalaenopsis. However, the occurrence of somaclonal variation during culture is a frequent and important problem. We have collected and observed mutant flowers of Phal. Zuma’s Pixie ‘#1’ and Phal. Little Mary which both show lip-like peloric petals among population of tissue cultured plants. Total RNAs were isolated from flower buds of both hybrids. Using the reverse transcription-random amplified polymorphic DNA (cDNA-RAPD) method, we identified 25 amplified fragments differentially expressed in mutant and 32 in normal flower buds. Sequence analysis indicated that 14 fragments are unknown proteins, 10 are metabolism-related proteins, 5 show functions with transcriptional process, 5 have high similarity to viruses, 4 are involved in protein synthesis and degradation, and 3 are homologs of transposons. The others show some homologies with genes involved in cell division, disease resistance, signal transduction, stress response and transport.

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