Environmentally Friendly Resource Use-Taiwan's Experience in Pulp and Paper Production

in National workshop (full text oral presentation), 國內研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Environmentally Friendly Resource Use-Taiwan's Experience in Pulp and Paper Production
Authors1998/3, 王秀華

Fiber supply, waste reduction and pollution control have long been key challenges facing the pulp and paper industry in Taiwan. Water usage, energy consumption and capital effectiveness are also high on the list. An average of 5,213 hectares of plantation was established each year on the island in the past decade to provide a wood volume of approximately 26 thousand cubic meters annually. To complement the supply of increasingly expensive virgin fiber, the industry in 1997 re-utilized about 4 million tons of waste paper, of which nearly 70% was collected domestically. This secondary fiber input for paper and board production eliminated both the construction of ten incinerators and 3.65 million tons of CO2 emission.
The industry is in a better position than most other industries to institute sustainable development in its operating practices. Innovative techniques and substantial capital investments have been implemented to accomplish a very impressive degree of environmental protection︰72.5% of the mills meet the environmental regulations, water usage per ton of product has been reduced from 50m3 to 10-12 m3, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and suspension solid (SS) in the effluent have been minimized to conform to the most stringent regulations issued for 1998.All of this has resulted from an average investment in facilities of 2.72 millions U.S. dollars per annum during the last four years. As for energy reduction, many co-generation systems have been in operation and those under construction will double the capacity by the year 2002.
With all these endeavors, it is hoped that the industry will become a sustainable and healthy one that is globally competitive; environmentally compatible and a key contributor to the global economy and society.

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