Automation on poultry manure dry system

in National workshop (full text oral presentation), 國內研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Automation on poultry manure dry system
AuthorsLiang Chou Hsia, 夏良宙

Dry manure can stop fermentation, reduce flies and bacteria development and reduce NH3 release into air. The basic principle on manure dry system was to let air remove the moisture content of manure. The system used in the present test contained 6 conveyors. Each conveyor was 12 meters long. The manure came out from chicken house dropped on the first tier, then the second day dropped on the second tier, etc. After six days, the manure would be removed outside and packed there. The air movement system was developed in our university, which caused tunnel ventilation effect. The air moved out continuously. The test was continued for three batches of broiler chickens, which kept in caged broiler house. The manure was sampled one batch per week; that was, sample was took the same manure from different tiers each day from top to bottom for 6 days. The sampled and weighed manure was put into an oven which temperature was controlled about 68℃. The results shown that the moisture content of manure was influenced by environmental humidity, the total amount of chickens and wet of manure. The minimum water content was about 14%. The maximum water content was about 35%. The rainy days had lower efficiency on moisture removal. How to improve the condition needs further study.

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