Recent development on animal waste management in ECLWM

in National workshop (full text oral presentation), 國內研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Recent development on animal waste management in ECLWM
AuthorsLiang Chou Hsia, 夏良宙

This paper discussed the basic concept of animal waste management, namely, a) reduction of total amount of animal waste; b) reduction of cost of animal waste treatment; c) improvement of waste or by-product utilization; d) reduction or prevention of odor and dust. Recent development associated with the above-mentioned concept is highlighted, including nutritional manipulation, wet feeding system, pig toilet, zero cleaning with water as well as odor abatement. The research in ECLWM considers the whole picture of waste management. Although the mechanism is very important, our first goal is to solve them in the most practical way. To understand the mechanism is for future improvement. We aim to help farmers solve their waste management problems in practical ways. Waste management methods like any technologies can be improved if we put more effort on research.

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