Odor control in animal waste management

in National workshop (full text oral presentation), 國內研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Odor control in animal waste management
AuthorsLiang Chou Hsia, 夏良宙

Animal Production not only supply high quality protein for human, and help people to treat their waste (e.g. pigs eat restaurant swill), but also play an important role in the organic farming by supplement of fertilizer (manure) for farmers. However due to lack of practical research on animal waste management, animal industry causes a lot of misunderstanding. There are four areas need to put more effort on research: (1) How to reduce the total quantity of manure. (2) How to improve the efficiency of waste management. (3) How to improve the utilization of compost. (4) How to reduce odor from animal farms. The purpose of this review is to discuss the fourth item about odor control in animal waste management. If we can help farmers to reduce the odor that means we can help them to get respect from their neighbors. Hoban and Clifford (1995) reported that most people (75%) agreed that “ Animal agriculture is being unfairly blamed as a cause of water pollution. Most, however felt that.” Public concern over animal waste is really more about odor than about water quality. The report mentioned us about “ first impression is so important.” We have to realize the importance about how to reduce odor from a farm.

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