Delivery of Compressed Videos from Video Servers Employing Cycle-based Data Retrieval Discipline

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標題Delivery of Compressed Videos from Video Servers Employing Cycle-based Data Retrieval Discipline
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsSheau-Ru Tong, 童曉儒
出版日期2003 / 9

Abstract—The significant frame size variability exhibited in the compressed videos imposes a great challenge on network delivery. In this paper we propose an efficient flow control scheme, employed in the peer stations (i.e., servers and clients), for delivery of prestored compressed videos in a video-on-demand (VOD) system. This scheme resorts to an off-line analysis on the video frame sizes and server properties for figuring out the necessary buffer space and network bandwidth. The server platform of particular interest obeys a cycle-based data-block retrieval discipline, which is an essential technique to reduce the disk seek time for leveraging the disk throughput for supporting a large number of concurrent video accesses. Such a discipline is taken into account here to guarantee smooth delivery of variable-bit-rate videos. In run-time a serverdriven control model is in use, where a server performs the primary flow control task, without relying on any feedback from clients. The scheme has been implemented in our prototype VOD system to support both unicast- and multicast communication paradigms under an RSVP-enabled network.We evaluate the effectiveness of our scheme by conducting a series of experiments on four different styled video tracks under various system platforms and observe that the required resources are sensitive to a server’s configuration and compressed videos’ traffic characteristics. With proper arrangement, a near 100% network bandwidth utilization can normally be achieved with moderate buffer space (<1.4 MB in total) and a few seconds startup delay, if a high video compression ratio is used.

Index Terms—Flow control, resource management, smoothing methods, Video on demand.

期刊名稱IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
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