Harmonic DiffServ: Scalable support of IP multicast with Qos heterogeneity in DiffServ backbone networks

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標題Harmonic DiffServ: Scalable support of IP multicast with Qos heterogeneity in DiffServ backbone networks
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AuthorsSheau-Ru Tong, 童曉儒
出版日期2006 / 1

The Differentiated Service (DiffServ) has been considered as a scalable
approach to provide class-based quality-of-service (QoS) control in Internet.
However, the direct implant of DiffServ in IP multicast shows some limitations
on supporting a multicast session exhibiting QoS heterogeneity. Also IP multicast
by itself has to maintain a large amount of the session-based forwarding
information and potentially causes another routing scalability problem in
routers. In this paper, we therefore propose a novel adaptation framework,
termed harmonic DiffServ, to solve the QoS heterogeneity and routing scalability
problems at the same time. In principle, (1) multicast trees are clustered and
aggregated into a given number of multicast sessions, and (2) within each
multicast session, packets are further marked by a set of undefined DSCPs which
lead packets to specific QoS treatments in each router in a way that the
respective QoS requirements of multicast trees are realized properly. We
propose a heuristic clustering scheme and based on it, two DSCP encoding
schemes, namely, the fixed encoding (FE) and the dynamic encoding (DE).
Extensive simulations based on different network configurations are conducted.
The simulated result reveals that our schemes can effectively reduce the
forwarding information and achieve excellent scalability in terms of the number
of multicast sessions and DSCP in use. And DE always consumes less number of
DSCP than FE at the cost of slightly more computation and control overheads.
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Keywords: DiffServ; PHB; DSCP; IP multicast; QoS heterogeneity; Scalability

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