Theoretical Simulation of Combustion Processes of Two-Stage Airbag Inflators

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標題Theoretical Simulation of Combustion Processes of Two-Stage Airbag Inflators
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsWei Te Wu(Benny), 吳瑋特, Wen-Hsin Hsieh 謝文馨, C. H. HUANG 黃志宏, & C. H. Wang 王敬輝
出版日期2005 / 2

Two-stage airbag inflators are capable of providing an adjustable
output for the protection of out-of-position occupants. The objective
of this research is to establish a theoretical model and computer
code for simulating and understanding the combustion and inflation
processes of two-stage airbag inflators burning in fixed-volume discharge
tanks. The model is based on the transient conservation
equations of mass, species, and energy for the two combustion
chambers of the inflator and the discharge tank. This theoretical
model is solved numerically, and the calculated results are in good
agreement with the experimental data. Simulation results indicate
that the pressure–time histories in the two combustion chambers
and the discharge tank exhibit different characteristics. The
pressure–time history in the first-stage combustion chamber shows
two pressure peaks, whereas there is only one pressure peak in the second-stage combustion chamber. The pressure in the discharge
tank varies slowly due to its large volume. The effects of ignition
delay of the second-stage igniter, mass distribution of gas-generation
propellants, and volume ratio of the two combustion chambers on
the combustion and inflation processes are studied and reported in
this work. This study also performs a sensitivity analysis to investigate
the effects of design parameters on the combustion and
inflation processes of two-stage airbag inflators. The top three parameters,
listed according to their order of influence, are (1) enthalpy
of gas-generation propellants, (2) radius of gas-generation propellants,
and (3) number of gas-generation propellants.

期刊名稱Combustion Science and Technology
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