Cryopreservation and Biophysical of Prosperities of Articular Cartilage Chondrocytes

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標題Cryopreservation and Biophysical of Prosperities of Articular Cartilage Chondrocytes
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsWei Te Wu(Benny), 吳瑋特, Shaw-Ruey Lyu 呂紹睿, & Wen-Hsin Hsieh 謝文馨
出版日期2005 / 12

In order to successfully cryopreserve articular cartilage chondrocytes, it is important to characterize their osmotic
response during the cryopreservation process, as the ice forms and the solutes concentrate. In this study, experimental
work was undertaken to determine the osmotic parameters of articular cartilage chondrocytes. The osmotically inactive
volume of articular cartilage chondrocytes was determined to be 44% of the isotonic volume. The membrane hydraulic
conductivity parameters for water were determined by fitting a theoretical water transport model to the experimentally
obtained volumetric shrinkage data; the membrane hydraulic conductivity parameter LPg was found to be 0.0633 lm/
min/atm, and the activation energy E, 8.23 kcal/mol. The simulated cooling process, using the osmotic parameters
obtained in this study, suggests a cooling rate of 80 C/min for the cryopreservation of the articular cartilage chondrocytes
of hogs. The data obtained in this study could serve as a starting point for those interested in cryopreservation of chondrocytes
from articular cartilage in other species in which there is clinical interest and there are no parameters for prediction
of responses.

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