Measurement and Correlation of Friction Characteristic of Flow through Foam Matrixes

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標題Measurement and Correlation of Friction Characteristic of Flow through Foam Matrixes
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsJ.F. Liu, 劉嘉鋒, J.F. Liu 劉嘉峰, Wei Te Wu(Benny) 吳瑋特, W.C. Chiu 邱偉誠, & Wen-Hsin Hsieh 謝文馨
出版日期2006 / 3

A correlation of friction characteristic was developed based on the measured pressure drop of air through foam matrixes. The pressure
drops of seven types of aluminum foams with different porosities and pore densities were measured. The Reynolds number based on
the equivalent spherical diameter of the foam ranged from 32.05 to 1289.32. The range of porosity was 0.87–0.958. A empirical equation
was developed to correlate the dimensionless pressure drop with the dimensionless flow velocity for all seven types of aluminum foams.
The empirical correlation agreed well with experimental data. According to the empirical correlation and the measured data, the pressure
drop introduced by foam matrixes was much lower than that by granular matrixes at the same Reynolds number. The relationship
between the friction factor and Re of foam matrixes follows the trend of granular matrixes and can be classified into three regimes:
Re < 30; f k / 1e
Re ; 30 < Re < 300; f k ? 22 1e
Re t 0:22; Re > 300, the value of fk approaches 0.22.

期刊名稱Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science
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