Strategies for Farm Resorts Based on Perception Positioning Analysis

in Domestic Journal (external review journal), 國內期刊(外審期刊)
標題Strategies for Farm Resorts Based on Perception Positioning Analysis
AuthorsHuang, 黃文琪
出版日期2007 / 12

This study investigated and identified the perception positioning of tourists on major farm resorts and its implications for management strategies. Farm resorts are popular rural tourism destination characterized with exceptional accommodations and meal services on a farm setting which provides diverse agricultural related recreation options, however, little is known about the tourists’ perception on the farm resorts. Therefore, it is difficult to know how to best target the tourists with different expectation on the services provided on the farm resorts. Surveys were conducted on the randomly selected tourists and the satisfaction levels were analyzed by using the multi dimension scaling (MDS) method. The properties of the farms based on factor analysis indicated agricultural activities, accommodation and services, recreation facilities, and farm size were the four major factors. It is recommended that the resort farms under investigation in this study should take the pursuit strategy on accommodation and services.

期刊名稱Journal of International Cooperation
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