Support Networks for Community-Based Rural Tourism in Costa Rica

in Domestic Journal (external review journal), 國內期刊(外審期刊)
標題Support Networks for Community-Based Rural Tourism in Costa Rica
AuthorsHuang, 黃文琪
出版日期2006 / 6

The objective of this research is to analyze the support networks around Community-Based Rural Tourism (CBRT) projects, centered on two Costa Rican NGOs, ACTUAR (Costa Rican Association of Community-Based Rural Tourism) and COOPRENA (Cooperative Consortium - National Ecotourism Network). Based on the stipulations of Granovetter’s network theory, it can be hypothesized that NGOs link communities that practice CBRT to other parts of the social system in ways that would otherwise be unconnected. In this study, in-depth interviews and qualitative analysis of secondary documents were carried out. The history of COOPRENA is related to the decline of the cooperative movement, while ACTUAR’s history is related to Integrated Conservation and Development Projects. Results show that these two NGOs serve as a link between community organizations, funding sources, government institutions, tourists and other NGOs. The contents of their network relations can be classified as: marketing efforts, community support, fund seeking, and advocacy.

期刊名稱Journal of International Cooperation
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