Virtual Path Layout Design on ATM Networks

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Virtual Path Layout Design on ATM Networks
AuthorsSheau-Ru Tong, 童曉儒, S. Ahn S. A., R. Tsang R. T., & David Du D. D.
出版日期Oct 1 1994 12:0

This paper ezamines the eficient layout of VPs in an ATM network. The ATM
network consists of ATM switches and their attached network end users, which may be
gateways, routers, and hosts. The physical topology, the offered traffic, and call setup
matrices of the network end users are assummed to be given. The problem is
formulated as a flow-based optimization problem. A heuristic approach is presented
which (i) establishes VPs according to physical network-specific and
application-specific constraints and a cost function, (ii) provides multipaths between
each sourcedestination user pair to minimize the call blocking probability and to
increase network resilience, and (iii) uses a novel VP combining process which is
guaranteed to always satisfy the switching constraints. Simulation results are
presented for the proposed VP planning policy. Guidelines for the design of robust VP
layouts and the eficient establishment of VCs are also presented.

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