Study on Disk Zoning for Video Servers

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Study on Disk Zoning for Video Servers
AuthorsSheau-Ru Tong, 童曉儒, & Yee-Foon Huang Y. - F. H.
出版日期Jun 1 1998 12:0

Without proper care of the disk zoning issue, we may suffer a great loss in both storage and
bandwidth utilization for supplying video streams. In this regard, we propose two schemes, free-π
and fixed-π schemes, in a unified framework of rearranging the zone layout in a logical manner.
The free-π scheme can optimally utilize resources, but needs a complicated timing control.
Whereas, the fixed-π scheme can achieve a slightly lower utilization with a simpler timing control
compared to the free-π scheme. The fixed-π scheme is further applied to a multiple-disk
platform. The variable bit rates of individual disks may cause dramatic aggregated bit rate
fluctuation, so we propose a novel data placement policy termed skewed zone-major round robin
(SZRR) to ensure a stable disk-bus bandwidth utilization. A file system employing the proposed
schemes has been implemented on a PC server equipped with five SCSI-II disk drives. We
demonstrate that the system is able to support up to 70 1.5Mbps video streams simultaneously when
a 20 second or so initial waiting time is allowed.

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