Meteoric 10Be dating of highly weathered soils from fluvial terraces in Taiwan

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標題Meteoric 10Be dating of highly weathered soils from fluvial terraces in Taiwan
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsHseu, 許正一
出版日期2008 / 9

River terraces are the geomorphic markers that can be used to gauge the surface deformation in response to tectonic uplift. The surface deposits of the terraces form a chronosequence to understand the rate and direction in soil development. Time or age constraint has become one of the most important factors concerned in both disciplines of soil sciences and fluvial geomorphology. In contrast to the radiocarbon (14C) dating that is insufficient to date old terraces and/or soils, the longer half-life of cosmogenic beryllium-10 (10Be) has been well demonstrated useful to determine soil ages and the rate of soil formation. There are red soils (redder than 7.5YR) commonly distributed on old or high altitude river terraces throughout Taiwan. In this study, three pedons of alluvium related red soils were sampled on Taoyang, Pakua, and Chiayi terraces (respectively located in the northern, central, and southern Taiwan). According to the field morphology and the chemical analyses, these red soils are characterized by highly weathered, and are classified as Typic Hapludox (TY-YM and PK-1), and Typic Paleudult (CY-1) in Soil Taxonomy. The meteoric 10Be dating shows the ages of ? 261 ka for TY-YM, ? 124 ka for PK-1, and ? 386 ka for CY-1, respectively. However, these ages are increased against the degree of soil development. The former two ages are likely underestimated by the loss of 10Be due to strong leaching and considerable erosion. It suggests the age obtained from CY-1 may represent the minimum time required for soils develop toward Oxisols in Taiwan.

期刊名稱Quaternary International
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