Conservation genetics of Scutellaria taiwanensis and S. austrotaiwanensis, two rare species in Taiwan.

in International Symposium (poster summary), 國際研討會(摘要海報發表)
標題Conservation genetics of Scutellaria taiwanensis and S. austrotaiwanensis, two rare species in Taiwan.
AuthorsYu-Chung Chiang, 江友中
出版日期Jul 28 2006 12:0
會議地點Chico, CA

MANY endemic plants distributed in southern Taiwan represent the relict, populations that survived the process of extinction - recolonization and speciation over glacial cycles. Scutellaria taiwanensis and S. austrotaiwanensis are representative species of such evolutionary process and are restricted to in the Weiliaoshan and Chingshuiying now. In the past decade, loss of habitats has resulted in populations of the species with small numbers and sizes. Both species are good candidates for assessing the impacts of habitat disturbance on genetic structures. In this study, we investigated the genetic structure and phylogeographical pattern based on genetic variation of cpDNA. Length of the rbcL-atpB region of chloroplast DNA is 914 bp which five sites are variable. A reconstructed NJ tree showed the paraphyly of each species, indicating high levels of shared ancestral polymorphisms. Genetic diversity of S. austrotaiwanensis (π = 0.00152) is relatively higher than that of S. taiwanensis (π = 0.00019).Within S. taiwanensis, the Weiliaoshan population is with higher genetic diversity than Chingshuiying population in which all individuals are fixed at one haplotype. In the field, only one single population of S. austrotaiwanensis remains. Small population size and low level of genetic diversity reveal that this rare species is under serious threats. Each population should be recognized as different management units.

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