Salmonellae and Campylobacters in household and stray dogs in northern Taiwan

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標題Salmonellae and Campylobacters in household and stray dogs in northern Taiwan
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsH.J. Tsai, 蔡向榮, HC 黃凰?, 林俊明, Yi-Yang Lien 連一洋, & 周崇熙
出版日期2007 / 11

Rectal swabs were collected from 437 household and 491 stray dogs in northern Taiwan from May 2003 to
June 2005 to investigate the prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibilities of salmonellae and campylobacters.
The results revealed that 2.1% of household dogs and 6.3% of stray dogs were positive for salmonellae, with
Salmonella Duesseldorf being the most dominant serotype in both. Additionally, 2.7% of the household dogs
and 23.8% of the stray dogs were positive for campylobacters. Campylobacter jejuni was the most prevalent
species (86.8%), followed by C. upsaliensis (9.3%) and C. coli (3.9%). Both salmonella and campylobacter
isolation rates from the stray dogs were significantly higher than those from the household dogs (p < 0.01).
The susceptibility of 33 C. jejuni isolates to eight antimicrobials was studied by the E-test. A high rate of
resistance was observed to azithromycin (93.9%), clindamycin (87.9%), erythromycin (81.8%), tetracycline
(78.8%), chloramphenicol (69.7%), nalidixic acid (51.5%), gentamicin (33.3%), and ciprofloxacin (18.2%).
The susceptibility of 40 Salmonella isolates to 15 antimicrobials was also studied by the disc-diffusion method.
All the Salmonella isolates were susceptible to ciprofloxacin and ceftriaxone. Resistance was observed most
frequently to tetracycline (77.5%), chloramphenicol (52.5%), and ampicillin (50%).

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