Application of polyparaxylylenes coating film for strengthening weak and brittle paper-based cultural relics

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標題Application of polyparaxylylenes coating film for strengthening weak and brittle paper-based cultural relics
AuthorsTsang-Chi Shiah, 夏滄琪, Lan-Sheng Kuo 郭蘭生, Hong-Lin Lee 李鴻麟, Ming-Horng Duh 杜明宏, & Han-Chien Lin 林翰謙
出版日期2006 / 3

In an effort to overcome the detrimental effects of a broad range of temperatures (20~36℃) and humidities (75~98% RH) throughout the year in Taiwan, we carried out this study to test the application of polyparaxylylenes known as Parylene in trade film coating technology for the preservation
of brittle books and archives. The polymerization of the monomer paraxylylene formed a clear film on fibers that increased the paper strength (paper strengthening). During the deposition process, polyparaxylylenes formed polymer bridges at numerous fiber-to-fiber contact points, resulting
in significant overall strengthening of the paper. The durability of books and archives was increased to some extent by this treatment. Experimental results showed that the folding endurance
and zero span tensile strength of polyparaxylylene-treated papers improved markedly. Color changes of Parylene C-treated paper were less than those of the Parylene N-treated ones, but no significant difference was detected between the 2 treatments. A larger contact angle of Parylene C-treated paper indicated higher wettability resistance than that of Parylene N-treated paper. As might be expected, a 5-μm-thick polyparaxylylene conformal coating provided anti-fungal characteristics
to such fungal strains, as Aspergillus niger, A. flavus, Penicillium sp., Rhizopus sp., and Trichoderma viride. Parylene C-treated papers had better fungal resistance than the Parylene N- treated ones.
Generally speaking, the type, structure and physical characteristics of the papers influenced the end products when using polyparaxylylene. For a parylene film of constant thickness, different types of paper produced different end products. So while improvements occurred, the degree of improvement was dependent on those factors.

期刊名稱Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
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