Limited Resources Adaptation Control for Embedded Systems

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Limited Resources Adaptation Control for Embedded Systems
AuthorsHsu-Yang Kung, 龔旭陽, Chin-Yu Ou 歐進裕, Che-I Wu 吳哲一, Hsiu-Luan Chang 陳婉婷, Chia-Ling Li 李佳凌, & Li-Chia Kuo 郭俐佳
會議名稱2008 International Conference on Embedded Systems and Applications
出版日期Jul 14 2008 12:0
會議地點Las Vegas, Nevada

The mobile network is rapid progress, but the
computing resource has been extremely limited. Therefore,
the paper proposes the Computing Resource and
Multimedia QoS Adaptation Control System for Mobile
Appliances (CRMQ). The adaptation control of computing
resources, including CPU and memory, is to dynamically
adapt the resource usage ratio between the system
processes and the application processes. To improve the
battery life time of the mobile appliance, the proposed
power adaptation control scheme is to dynamically adapt
the power consumption of each medium stream based on
its perception importance. The master stream (e.g. the
audio stream) is allocated more electronic supply than the
other streams (e.g. the background video). CRMQ system
adapts the presentation quality of the multimedia service
according to the available CPU, memory, and power

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