Design and Characterization of MEMS-Based Flow-Rate and Flow-Direction Microsensor

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標題Design and Characterization of MEMS-Based Flow-Rate and Flow-Direction Microsensor
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsTsai Chien-Hsiung, 蔡建雄, & Fu Lung-Ming 傅龍明
出版日期2009 / 3

This study designs and characterizes a novel MEMS-based flow-rate micro-sensor consisting of a platinum resistor deposited on a silicon nitride-coated silicon cantilever beam. Due to the difference between the thermal conductivities of the silicon nitride film and the silicon beam, the tip of the cantilever structure bends slightly in the upward direction. As air travels across the upper surface of the sensor, it interferes with the curved tip and displaces the beam in either the upward or the downward direction. The resulting change in the resistor signal is then used to calculate the velocity of the air. A flow-direction micro-sensor is constructed by arranging eight cantilever structures on an octagonal platform. Each cantilever is separated from its neighbors by a tapered baffle plate connected to a central octagonal pillar designed to attenuate the aerodynamic force acting on the cantilever beams. By measuring the resistor signals of each of the cantilever beams, the micro-sensor is capable of measuring both the flow rate and the flow direction of the air passing over the sensor. A numerical investigation is performed to examine the effects of the pillar height and pillar-to-tip gap on the airflow distribution, the pressure distribution, the bending moment acting on each beam, and the sensor sensitivity. The results show that the optimum sensor performance is obtained using a pillar height of 0.75 mm and a pillar-to-tip gap of 5 mm. Moreover, the sensitivity of the octagonal sensing platform is found to be approximately 90% that of a single cantilever beam.
Keywords MEMS - Flow-rate - Flow-direction - Micro-sensor

期刊名稱Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
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