A study of people’s marketing experience, involvement, loyalty, and benefit cognitive towards local festival events in Taiwan.

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題A study of people’s marketing experience, involvement, loyalty, and benefit cognitive towards local festival events in Taiwan.
AuthorsLiu, 劉照金
出版日期Jun 3 2008 12:0

Local governments pay more and more attention to festival events in order to develop their own economics, nostalgia culture and specialty promotions. However, the key factors for a successful festival event include not only the government and local councils’ plans and implementations, but also residents’ participating behaviors and recognition. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to discover people’s marketing experience, involvement, royalty, and benefit recognition of festival events. The method of this paper included the usage of self-devised “Questionnaire of Festival Event Participations and Feedback” was developed from Literature Review as the tool. The residents in Taiwan were targeted to reveal their marketing experience, involvement, royalty and benefit recognition among various regions. 850 out of 900 distributed questionnaires were sufficient and the data analysis can be result as the following: 1) People were exposed to the festival events that had been held for years or famous ones mainly. The participations in festival events in the north were significantly more than in the south. 2) The variables influencing people’s loyalty of festival events included involvement, leisure experience (LEE), personal factors(PF), life experience(LE), education experience(EDE), participation rate (PR)and age as the total explained variance was 68.7%. 3) The variables affecting peoples benefit recognition of festival events consist of life experience, involvement, education experience, personal factors, marriage, participation rate and leisure experience as the total explained variance was 59.4%. Life experience (47.3%) and involvement (8.1%) appeared the most influential. In conclusion, it is crucial to promote festival events on various media advertised and exposed. The participation rate and loyalty can be enhanced if people are attracted to the activities, furthermore, the benefits and values of festival events can be improved if people can develop physical experience, change their life styles, have better interactivities with the children and social activities. Consequently, the better marketing experience people could receive, the higher rate people’s involvement and loyalty could reach. The improvements of these three variables would then be followed by better benefit recognition.
Keywords: festival events, experience marketing, involvement, loyalty, benefits recognition

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