Two-Dimensional Numerical Visualization on the Interaction of Blast Waves with Obstacles

in Sciences Citation Index(SCI), 科學引文索引資料庫(SCI)
標題Two-Dimensional Numerical Visualization on the Interaction of Blast Waves with Obstacles
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsTai, 戴昌賢, Teng J.T. 鄧治東, Lo S.W. 羅四維, & Chou H.C. 周先慬
出版日期2008 / 1

In this study, the complex phenomena of propagation and interaction of the blast waves impacting on obstacles were visualized and investigated using a numerical method. Three different distances between an immovable wall and a bomb shelter with a square block inside were considered while a blast source is located in front of wall at the same distance from shelter. The transitional shock phenomena were simulated by means of a multi-block mesh system and a flux computational model. Spatial discretization was performed using the Roe's upwind schemes; time integration was achieved via the second-order explicit Hancock method. Proof of the numerical results indicated that those results were in close agreement with the experimental data obtained for the wedge flow. For the cases proved, the geometries of the reflected wave patterns followed by the incident blast waves crossing the immovable wall and impacting inside of bomb shelters were similar. However the height of wall has a dominating impact on the effect associated with different incident blast waves from the same blast source. Meanwhile, different reflected overpressure-time histories and streamlines were observed and analyzed for the results obtained.

期刊名稱Journal of Visualization
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