An On-Line Monitoring System for Micro Resistance Stop Welding

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題An On-Line Monitoring System for Micro Resistance Stop Welding
AuthorsYung-Chang Chen, 陳永昌, Chyuan-Yow 曾全佑, 王土發, & 丁一銘
出版日期Jul 2 2006 12:0

Micro-resistance spot welding (MRSW) is a group of micro-joining processes in which micro-joints are formed between two sheets by resistance heating caused by the passage of an electric current. These processes are commonly used for applications in auto electrical components, micro-electrical components, and medical packing. Because of its many advantages such as high manufacturing speed and low cost, the MRSW is very suitable for industrial mass-production applications. Surprisingly, there is no satisfactory non-destructive on line monitoring systems to assure the quality of the welding process. It is with this motivation; this paper is aimed to develop a MRSW equipment and its associated monitoring system that can predict the welding quality during the welding process.
Experimental equipment for the MRSW was first designed. Then, the study was preceded by investigating the effect of parameters such as welding voltage, welding current, electrode force, and electrode displacement on the quality of the MRSW process. After this, a set of the most significant parameters was selected as the inputs to a neural network for monitoring the quality of the welding. After the training of the monitoring system, a resulting decision boundary which partitions the input space into regions corresponding to normal and abnormal quality of the welding process was obtained. Experimental results showed that the neural network based monitoring system classified the quality of the micro-resistance spot welding process very precisely.
Key words: Micro resistance welding, Monitoring, micro-joints

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