Using geosynthetics for Fisheries in Taiwan

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Using geosynthetics for Fisheries in Taiwan
AuthorsChiwan Wayne Hsieh, 謝啟萬
出版日期Mar 1 2008 12:0

The fishery is one of the most important primary industries of the Republic of
China, Taiwan. In recent years, the overall fishery production exceeded 1.3 million
tons, with a value of nearly US$ 3 billion. It has greatly contributed to the stability of
society and provides another food source. Due to over fishing and pollution of the
nearby sea, the production of offshore and coastal fishing has been reduced.
Aqua-culture has been directed to the rational utilization of land and water resources
to ensure a harmony between fish farming and the environment. The HDPE
geomembrane has been widely used to reduce seepage and improve the water quality
for inland fishing ponds. HDPE or PVC geo-pipe fishing rafts are the primary fishing
transportation tools for offshore fishing. The offshore net cage fishing system is
widely used to reduce over pumping of underground water and eliminate the indirect
large settlement in the area near the coast line. The applications of geosynthetic ropes
and purse nets for offshore and pelagic fishery are also discussed.

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