Quantitative detection of poultry in cooked meat products

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標題Quantitative detection of poultry in cooked meat products
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsNikola Djurdjevic, 查德維克, Shyang-Chwen Sheu 許祥純, & Shyang-Chwen Sheu 季蘊華
出版日期2005 / 9

There is a growing awareness of perceived harm from meat species adulteration, both intentional and accidental. The present study developed a monoclonal antibody (Mab)–based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative detection of chicken and turkey meat adulterated in cooked (100 °C, 15 min)mammalian meat. The specificity of Mab 5D2 to different species (pork, beef, lamb, deer, horse, duck, chicken, and turkey) and tissues (serum, gizzard, heart, and liver) was studied by noncompetitive ELISA. The detection of cooked chicken in beef, and turkey in pork was accomplished by competitive and noncompetitive ELISAs. Both ELISAs were optimized to quantify cooked poultry in red meats. The new Mab-based ELISAs enabled the detection of cooked poultry in red meats at levels as low as 1% (v/v) or better. The correlation (r > 0.994) between chicken or turkey concentrations and ELISA signals permitted the quantification of poultry adulterants in cooked non-poultry meats.

期刊名稱J. Food Sci.
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