A Review of the theory and practice of managing TQM: An integrative framework.

in Social Sciences Citation Index(SSCI), 社會科學引用文獻索引資料庫(SSCI)
標題A Review of the theory and practice of managing TQM: An integrative framework.
出版類型SSCI(Social Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsSoltani E., S.
出版日期2008 / 5

This paper on Total Quality Management (TQM) is concerned with the problem of defining quality as well as examining a universal set of precepts to safeguard it as a management philosophy. In contrast to the traditional approaches to the subject, which tends to see things largely in universalistic terms, this paper, through a comparative analysis of this view versus contingent approach, argues that the actual practice of TQM is deeply rooted in specific contexts. Having recognised the implications of various definitions, precepts and approaches in more detail, this paper then goes on to consider whether quality-driven organisations are in a state of transition, or if not, what would be the main barriers that impede transition to a stable total quality (TQ) environment. Here, particular attention is given to the role and status of senior management. Based on these issues, the paper suggests an integrative hypothesised framework of the linkages between top management commitment and TQM success or failure; and concludes with critical challenges ahead for organisational researchers to advance knowledge in the field of TQM.

期刊名稱Total Quality Management & Business Excellence
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