Lipoxygenase as Blanching Index for Frozen Vegetable Soybeans

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標題Lipoxygenase as Blanching Index for Frozen Vegetable Soybeans
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsShyang-Chwen Sheu, 許祥純, & 區少梅
出版日期1991 / 8

Blanched samples of frozen vegetable soybeans using peroxidase (POD) and lipoxygenase (LIP) as blanching indices were compared with unblanched samples during storage by sensory evaluation, vitamin C determination and remaining enzyme activity. Samples using LIP and POD as blanching indices showed no significant differences in sensory quality during 160-day frozen storage, while both treatments were significantly different from unblanched samples. Vitamin C in samples using LIP as blanching index was higher than that in unblanched ones but not significantly different from that in samples using POD as an index. Samples using LIP as blanching index had 11.5% POD activity but no LIP activity, while blanched samples using POD as blanching index had no LIP or POD activities during storage.

期刊名稱Journal of Food Science
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