Continuous Observation Work Sampling Technique and Its Verification

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標題Continuous Observation Work Sampling Technique and Its Verification
AuthorsCheng-pin Ho, 何正斌
出版日期2001 / 1

Work sampling focuses mainly on determining the
proportion of times for a specified category within a
predetermined tolerance at a specified statistical risk.
Conventional practices are based on numerous snap
(instantaneous) observations taken randomly. This study
employs the extensively used method of ``production
study'' or so-called continuous observation work sampling
(COWS). Data from continuous observation of activity are
used to make point estimates of the average time spent in
each category and also the proportion of time occupied by
a specified category. This study concentrates mainly on
determining and verifying the interval estimates that
derived from two different process assumptions,
alternating Poisson process (APP) and alternating
unspecified process (AUP), for a proportion when using
COWS. Simulation results indicate that the confidence
interval formulae derived for AUP assumptions are robust
if the sample sizes for both modes exceed 100. Although
the exact formulae are derived from APP, poor results
yield if the true process deviated from APP.

期刊名稱Work Study
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