Thermal Stress Analysis for Nd:YAG Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloy Fuel Filter

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Thermal Stress Analysis for Nd:YAG Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloy Fuel Filter
AuthorsCHIN-LUNG CHANG, 張金龍, & Cheng-Yu Ke 柯政佑
出版日期Oct 18 2008 12:0

The laser beam characterized by high power density and
high precision has been used in laser welding of
packaging for many high precision parts in recent years.
Due to the demand for light-weighted automobile,
aluminum alloy has been used to manufacture the
vehicle parts to reach the goal of economizing oil. The
aluminum alloy fuel filter is also the important one of
vehicle parts. The main problem often occurred in
packaging of the fuel filter is attributed to the welding
technique between the sleeve and the seal cover that
ensures a perfect seal. Since the laser welding technique
produces a relatively small heat affected zone, it is
possible that the thermal crack phenomena induced by
thermal stress in packaging of fuel filter could be
avoided. Moreover, the high oil pressure in the fuel
filter should be taken into account in the laser welding
process when the work pieces joint in different ways
such as butt, overlap or fillet. When the packaging is
operated with spot welding, the problem on oil leakage
will arise. Hence, laser welding in continuous way along
the sleeve surface will be performed to strengthen the
welding. Accordingly, this research will numerically
investigate the problem of thermal stress in the
packaging for the aluminum alloy fuel filter welded
using pulse Nd:YAG laser. Because of the small heat
sink area in the welding region, the critical governing
processing parameters e.g. welding position, welding
power and laser incident angle will be analyzed. Based
on the analysis, optimized values of these parameters
will be proposed. The simulation results show that the
thermal stress of the fuel filter will be decreased due to
the preheat effect with a higher laser pulse width and
spot overlapping rate.

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