Distribution and ecological range of the alien plant species Mikania micrantha Kunth (Asteraceae) in Taiwan

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標題Distribution and ecological range of the alien plant species Mikania micrantha Kunth (Asteraceae) in Taiwan
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AuthorsMaja Willis, M. W., Stefan Zerbe S. Z., & Yau-Lun Kuo 郭耀綸
出版日期2008 / 12

In the past two decades Mikania micrantha Kunth, a climbing plant species originating from tropical America, spread across Taiwan. It can now be found frequently in the lowlands and lower mountain areas up to 1,000 m a.s.l. in the centre and south of the island. Mikania micrantha is considered a problematic invasive alien plant species which is said to cause economical as well as environmental damage. This study investigated the ecological site characteristics of Mikania micrantha in Taiwan. 112 vegetation surveys were carried out in habitats where the exotic plant was present. A comparison between sites with a high and a low abundance was made to assess which factors especially influence the extensive spread of the plant. Furthermore, the influence of disturbances was examined. Results showed that Mikania micrantha grows very dense in habitats which are characterized by good light conditions combined with vertical structures, such as trees. Results revealed that the invader occurs most frequently in agricultural fallows and wastelands, but it could hardly be found in the intensively managed plantations in the investigation area. Results provide great evidence that the plant is strongly influenced by disturbances, but only if impacts occur rarely.

期刊名稱Journal of Ecology and Field Biology
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