Purification of α-amylase from human saliva by superparamagnetic particles

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標題Purification of α-amylase from human saliva by superparamagnetic particles
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AuthorsJenshinn Lin, 林貞信, LIN Yeong-Shenn 林永順, Kuo ST 郭曉婷, Jiang CM 江啟明, & Ming Chang Wu 吳明昌
出版日期2009 / 1

BACKGROUND: Several studies of magnetic carrier technology have focused on the application of separation technology,
because the magnetic support can separate the target from the reaction medium by application of a magnetic field and
because the magnetic carrier can be easily recovered. In the present study, superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) modified by
epichlorohydrinwas employed as a support whose surface could be coatedwith starch. The starch-coated support was used for
isolating human salivary amylases.
RESULTS: The results showed that the starch-SPIO support could isolate amylases from human saliva with 91.1% recovery
and 3.5-fold purification to high specific activity. Sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis revealed that the
purifed amylase comprised two isoamylases with estimated molecular weights of 55 and 59 kDa. The activities of crude and
purified amylases showed optimal pH values of 6–7 and 7 and optimal temperatures of 40 and 30 ?C respectively. The thermal
stability range for both crude and purified amylases was between 20 and 40 ?C.

期刊名稱Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
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