Purification of amylase from tilapia by magnetic particle

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標題Purification of amylase from tilapia by magnetic particle
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsJenshinn Lin, 林貞信
出版日期2009 / 8

Recent development in the magnetic carrier technology involves the use of non-magnetic substrates attached to superparamagnetic particles forming functionally modified magnetic support to isolate particular enzyme of interest in a controllable magnetic field. In this study, the superparamagnetic particles were modified by Epichlorohydrin and other agents to cross-link with starch to form the purification support. This affinity support was able to bind the amylase and was used in the purification of amylase from Taiwan tilapia. After ammonium sulfate precipitation of amylase from Taiwan tilapia, the modified superparamagnetic particles was able to purify the crude amylase to 20.78 fold with the recovery of activity of 75.6 %. The molecular weight of the amylase was estimated to be 66.1 kDa by SDS-PAGE. Both of crude and purified amylase showed an optimum pH at 8.0, temperature at 50℃, and the enzyme was stable between 20 and 50℃.

期刊名稱Journal of Food Processing and Preservation
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