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Conservation genetics of an introduced of mottled duck population.

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Conservation genetics of an introduced of mottled duck population.
AuthorsGuo-Jing Weng, 翁國精
出版日期Oct 14 2005 12:0
會議地點Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA

Mottled ducks (Anas fulvigula) are one of few non-migratory dabbling ducks in North America. Among the native populations of this species, the Florida mottled duck is considered a subspecies (A. f. fulvigula). Mottled ducks were introduced to South Carolina from Texas, Louisiana, and Florida during 1975-82. Southward expansion of the introduced population from South Carolina to Georgia and Florida has been found. This is a great concern to ornithologists because of efforts to maintain the Florida mottled duck as a unique population. We will detect the possibility of gene flow from SC/GA to Florida populations and identify the genotype of the SC/GA population for future reference. Secondly, we will strive to compare the genetic composition of the introduced population and their source populations and measure genetic distances among the populations. Third, we will investigate the population genetic structure and grouping of sub-populations of mottled ducks along the SC/GA coastal zone and reveal breeding units for management practices. The results of this project will help provide suggestions for management practices as far as genetic integrity of mottled ducks is concerned.

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