in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
AuthorsLiang Chou Hsia, 夏良宙
出版日期Sep 19 2006 12:0

A good animal house system should not only consider animal welfare, high efficiency of animal production, and a user-friendly environment for farm workers, but also should play an important role in ecobalance. Easy or convenient management of animal house lets farmers pay more attention to waste management. Animals should not be able to play in water troughs which cause water spillage. When water pressure is high, it will not only become wet in the animal house but also cause an increase of total wastewater. Friendly animal house should reduce house temperature because it can reduce water for cooling purposes. Interval sprinkling can produce a good result on cooling due to carrying out more heat from animals than the continuous sprinkling method. Undigested feed about 20-40 percent will be discharged and go into the waste treatment system. However, if the feed drops on the floor and animals do not eat it, then the feed becomes waste. Animal house design should seriously consider separating rain water from wastewater. The small space or high density of livestock may cause unhygienic animal body, which causes a strong odor in the house, and skatol in meat. The best way to clean manure is to separate faeces and urine immediately after defecation and urination. It is easier to collect and handle solid manure, and it reduces NH3 and odor production. A properly designed high-raised slot floor which may not require washing; consequently, farmers can reduce the cost of waste storage, treatment tanks, and waste treatment. An animal house should be designed to use recycle wastewater for flush pit. A filter located outside of wet pad and forced ventilation animal house can remove the bacteria and dust. The lower the moisture content of the dust on the filter, the lower the chemical reaction, and the lower the odor and / or NH3. During phase feeding the excreted nutrients (e.g. N and P) are at a minimum. Waste management itself is an ecofriendly system. An ecobalanced animal house can reduce discharged wastewater, BOD, COD, N, phosphorus as well as odor, and / or greenhouse gases. Moreover, all these methods can also help farmers to build a clean farm and reduce costs, and make some profit from management and by-products.

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