Taiwan's trainers test catheters

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標題Taiwan's trainers test catheters
AuthorsLiang Chou Hsia, 夏良宙
出版日期2007 / 6

Innovation and Practical Training Center, located in National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, occupies 50 hectares of land. All kinds of training, including tailor made or customer requirement training for pig, poultry, cattle, and goat farmers, animal waste treatment, animal welfare training, and etc, were held in the Center. There is 80% of artificial insemination on pig training in Taiwan held in the Center. We also trained the foreign farmers. Further study on AI practical researches have been done for last 5 years. They have three useful experiments. The first experiment showed that wet pad and forced ventilation house improved AI performance significantly. The second experiment found that thin boar produced lowest quantity of semen, motility of sperm, sperm concentration. Lowest selection index of boar had significantly higher sperm motility, but lowest quantity of semen and lowest total number of sperm. The last experiment showed that intrauterine catheter had better farrowing rate and significantly higher born alive piglet when compared with tradition catheter. As for compared the tradition catheter, common intrauterine catheter, and Absolute catheter, the results showed that farrowing rate was highest in Absolute treatment. Tradition treatment had lowest total born alive piglet when compared with the other two treatments.

期刊名稱Pig International
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