Effect of extruded soybean on the digestibility of growing pigs

in International Symposium (poster summary), 國際研討會(摘要海報發表)
標題Effect of extruded soybean on the digestibility of growing pigs
AuthorsS. C. Chang, 張順智, & Liang Chou Hsia 夏良宙
出版日期Sep 24 2008 12:0

The objective of the study was to determine the effect of extruded soybean on the digestibility of growing pigs. Twenty LYD crossbred gilts with an average body weight of 50.18 kg were used for the study. The pigs were fed non-formulated diet, only extruded full fat soybeans, where Treatment 1: non-extruded, ground full fat soybeans (control group), Treatment 2: extrusion temperature at 110oC, Treatment 3: extrusion temperature at 120oC, Treatment 4: extrusion temperature at 130oC, and Treatment 5: extrusion temperature at 140oC. Gilts were kept in the metabolism cages for 2 weeks, first week was for adaptation, ad libitum feed and water were provided. After 5 days, urine catheter was inserted and observed for 2 days. Metabolism study was conducted on the second week, amount of feed was restricted and the feces and urine excreted from each pig were collected to determine the digestibility and metabolizability. The results indicated that the digestibility of pigs fed extruded full fat soybeans on most of the nutrients were improved and better metabolizability on Zn, Mg, Ca and Mn.

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