Influence of with and without experience on the running speed of pigs

in International Symposium (poster summary), 國際研討會(摘要海報發表)
標題Influence of with and without experience on the running speed of pigs
AuthorsS. M. Chou, 周淑敏, & Liang Chou Hsia 夏良宙
出版日期Sep 24 2008 12:0

The objective of the study was to determine the effect of training on the learning capability of pigs, using running time as a reference. Sixteen LYD crossbred castrated boars of 15-20 kg were randomly allocated into 4 groups, 4 pigs per group. One pig was selected from each group to conduct individual running training for 8 days continuously. When the trial was commenced, the pigs were starved for 5 hours before the run. All the 4 pigs in the whole group were racing at the same time, feed was placed at the ending. During the race, the time for the first half, second half and whole track, were recorded once. The duration of the trial was 25 days. The results demonstrated that trained pigs had fast running speed than untrained pigs during first few days (P<0.001). The running speed of pigs increased gradually from three days onwards. Their running time can be maintained within 30 seconds before terminal running. The trained pigs may also run slowly during first 1 or 2 days. The phenomenon showed that the running speed can be influenced by training but also can be influenced by other pigs.

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