Efficient Sensor Deployment Control Schemes and Performance Evaluation for Obstacle and Unknown Environments

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標題Efficient Sensor Deployment Control Schemes and Performance Evaluation for Obstacle and Unknown Environments
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsHsu-Yang Kung, 龔旭陽, Chung-Ming Huang 黃崇明, & Hao-Hsiang Ku 顧皓翔
出版日期2008 / 1
其他編號NSC 96-2221-E-020-034-MY2

Deployment is a fundamental issue for wireless sensor networks (WSNs).
A well-designed deployment control scheme not only affects the number of deployed
sensors directly, but also makes influences on data accuracy and network topology.
Three deployment methods are widely discussed which include random deployment,
deterministic deployment and deployment by graphic theory. Most related works have
focused on maximal deployment area problem, but few studies are on the efficient
methods to solve k coverage problem. However, these methods have high time
complexity, and hence are unsuitable for k-covered sensor deployment. To achieve
scalable and efficient deployment, this study presents two novel topology deployment
methods, namely the slow-start method (SSM) and square-encircled method (SEM).
The proposed deployment methods can successfully yield k-covered scenarios with
minimal overlapping areas, using three different coverage sensors. SSM and SEM are
without having to pre-analyze unknown or unsafe environments when deploy a k
coverage area. To deploy and satisfy each layer until k layers means guaranteeing k coverage. The time complexity of proposed methods are O(n2), and suitable for WSNs.Furthermore, this study first presents nine Construct Performance Evaluation (CPE)
factors to evaluate the total costs of a WSN. Finally, this paper evaluates the total
deployment costs through CPE factors and analyzes their performance. The
simulation results clearly indicate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed
deployment methods.

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