A Mobile Multicast Framework for CDMA-Based Ad Hoc Networks

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標題A Mobile Multicast Framework for CDMA-Based Ad Hoc Networks
AuthorsHsu-Yang Kung, 龔旭陽, & Su-Man Chen 陳素滿
出版日期2002 / 1

The objective of this paper is (i) to construct a robust ad hoc mobile network using the Direct Sequence CDMA technology, (ii) to self-create the transmission schedules for downlink and uplink communications, and then (iii) to multicast data packets with the collision-free transmission and the hidden-terminal avoidance. In this paper, we proposed the Hierarchical Linked Cluster Multicast (HLCM) network architecture and the HLCM Network Formation algorithm based on the characteristic of the DS-CDMA communication to construct a robust ad hoc multicast network. To achieve the collision-free and hidden-terminal avoidance multicast communications, the Uplink Multicast Schedule Algorithm (UMSA) and the Downlink Multicast Schedule Algorithm (DMSA) are proposed to generate the intra-cluster and inter-cluster transmission schedules, respectively. Each mobile node multicasts data packets to the destination nodes according to the pre-assigned time slots of the transmission schedules. The corresponding simulation results show that the proposed algorithms and control schemes effectively solve the hidden-terminal problem and achieve the self-organization and self-operation of a CDMA-based ad hoc multicast network

期刊名稱Book Series of IFIP International Federation for Information Processing - "Mobile and Wireless Communications
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