Avian reovirus-induced apoptosis related to tissue injury

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標題Avian reovirus-induced apoptosis related to tissue injury
出版類型SCI(Sciences Citation Index)
AuthorsHsin Y. Lin, H. Y. L., Sue T. Chuang S. T. C., Yu T. Chen Y. T. C., Wen L. Shih W. L. S., CHING-DONG CHANG 張清棟, & Hung-Jen Liu 劉宏仁
出版日期2007 / 1

Apoptosis plays an important role in pathogenesis of many viral infections. Infection of chicken with avian
reovirus S1133 causes tissue injury related to virus-induced apoptosis. To determine whether avian reovirus
(ARV) induced apoptosis in chicken tissues, six 3-week-old specific pathogen freeWhite Leghorn chicks were
inoculated with ARV S1133. Tissues were dual-labelled for the simultaneous detection of viral antigen and
apoptotic cells. DNA laddering was detected in ARV-infected but not mock-infected chicken tissues. Duallabelling
assay revealed that the majority of antigen-expressing cells were not apoptotic. Surprisingly, some
apoptotic but non-antigen-expressing cells were frequently located in the vicinity of antigen-expressing cells.
Syncytium formation in ARV-infected chicken tissues undergoing apoptosis was apparent, suggesting a
correlation between virus replication and apoptosis in chicken tissues.

期刊名稱Avian Pathology
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