The Insulin and Glucose Responses of 1000kj Portion Protein Bars

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題The Insulin and Glucose Responses of 1000kj Portion Protein Bars
AuthorsJenshinn Lin, 林貞信
出版日期Nov 16 2008 12:0

The study systematically compared postprandial insulin responses to isoenergetic 1000 kJ portion of six protein bars and hypothesized that protein bars stimulate significant insulin secretion, despite little carbohydrate in their formulation. Twelve healthy non-diabetic volunteers were recruited and complained with screening criteria. Each volunteer ingested protein bars and isoenergetic reference food (white bread) twice in randomized sequence on different occasions after an overnight fast. Blood samples taken at intervals over 120 min were collected to determine the glycemic and insulinmic responses. The glucose and insulin responses area under curve were calculated for each bar and the glucose and insulin score were compared with use of white bread ( score ﹦100%) as the reference food. The results showed that protein bars products were claimed for hypoglycemic effect, however, have similar insulinmic response to carbohydrate containing foods such as bakery products. The study anticipates that the results can provide information for diabetic protein bars customers.

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