Disaster Prevention Information System Based on Wireless/Mobile Communication Networks

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Disaster Prevention Information System Based on Wireless/Mobile Communication Networks
AuthorsChe-I Wu, 吳哲一, Hsu-Yang Kung 龔旭陽, Li-Chia Kuo 郭俐佳, Chi-Hua Chen 陳志華, & Jin Bing Lin 蔡光榮
會議名稱Proceedings of the Seventeenth (2007) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference(ISOPE 2007)
出版日期Jul 1 2007 12:0

Due to the rapid increase of human population, lots of fragile hillslopes
near to the populous counties and cities lead to the high occurrence
probability of natural disasters. When the heavy rainfalls or typhoons
occur, many counties are unavoidable to suffer the debris-flow and
flood disasters. It is urgently required to design an effective disaster
information system to assist the disaster protection and alerting works.
The designed Disaster Prevention Information System (DPI) is a threetier
system composed of the mobile users, multimedia servers, and
disaster decision server. Based on DPI system, mobile users can utilize
mobile appliances via the GPRS and wireless networks to transmits and
retrieve the disaster information including news, pictures, audios, and
videos in real-time. To accurately identify the disaster locations, DPI
system adopts the Convex Hull Algorithm and Spatial Interpolation
Methods to effectively determine the GIS illustration and GPS position
function. DPI system provides the realistic flood disaster simulation
and the determined emergent escape route using 3D virtual reality

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