Design of MPEG-4 QoS-Aware Presentation System

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標題Design of MPEG-4 QoS-Aware Presentation System
AuthorsHsu-Yang Kung, 龔旭陽, Jing-Shiuan Hua 華?萱, & Chia-Ni Liu 劉佳妮
出版日期2006 / 1
其他編號NSC 94-2622-E-020 -012 -CC3

The fundamental infrastructure of MPEG-4 is object-oriented and
involves the media presentations that are described in an MPEG-4 scene, which
combines descriptions of natural and synthetic media objects, such as text, image,
audio and video objects, which can be manipulated by object-based operations.
The standard BIFS language and the syntactic description language
(SDL) are used for describing a scene and media objects, respectively. All descriptions
are VRML-based and thus compatible with various browsers and operating
systems. This paper proposed an MPEG-4 QoS-Aware Presentation
System, which is named the M4QP system. The characteristics of M4QP system
include (1) the QoS definition of media objects, (2) the media QoS adaptation
control, (3) the network resource reservation mechanism, and (4) the object
synchronization control.

期刊名稱GESTS Int'l Transaction on Computer Science and Engineering
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