SIP-based User-Oriented Handoff Control for Video Phone

in International Symposium (oral presentation paper), 國際研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題SIP-based User-Oriented Handoff Control for Video Phone
AuthorsHsu-Yang Kung, 龔旭陽, & Chung Wen-Kai 鐘文凱
出版日期Sep 5 2007 12:0

The goal of the research is to reestablish the
session quickly for moving users according to a suit of
user-oriented seamless handoff control framework
?? USHC ?? the prior researches mentioned.
Furthermore, the model about making use of SIP with
offer/answer, which is rested on two methods
consisting of the REFER with Quality Negotiation and
RS-based 3PCC session mobility controls adopted for
inter-domain handoff and intra-domain handoff
respectively, is to provide the service of video
transmitting and defines the detail SDP exchanged
during handoff. Besides, we analyzed the situation that
the underflow and overflow case in the procedure of
RS-based 3PCC and REFER with Quality Negotiation
respectively caused by network delay during the
procedure of handoff and set up two kinds of
thresholds to detect the problem about network delay.
In the conclusion, we state the future work about
audio/video synchronization to verify whether the
theorem is correct or not.

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