Nocardia seriolae infection in the three striped tigerfish, Terapon jarbua (Forsska° l)

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標題Nocardia seriolae infection in the three striped tigerfish, Terapon jarbua (Forsska° l)
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AuthorsShih-Chu Chen, 陳石柱
出版日期2009 / 4

An epizootic in pond cultured three striped tigerfish,
Terapon jarbua, in Taiwan was caused by
Nocardia seriolae. Diseased fish first showed clinical
signs and mortalities in February and March 2003.
The cumulative mortality within 2 months was
2.4% (1200 of 50 000) and affected fish were
7 months old with total lengths from 18 to 25 cm.
Most affected fish were pale and lethargic with
haemorrhages and ulcers on the skin. The most
significant gross pathological changes were varying
degrees of ascites and enlargement of the spleen,
kidney and liver. Obvious white nodules, varying in
size, were found in these organs. Bacteria were
either coccal or filamentous in appearance, with
bead-like forms. Isolates from diseased fish were
characterized using the API ZYM (Analytical profile
index; Bio Me’rieux, France) systems and conventional
tests and identified as Nocardia sp. The isolate
was designated NS127 and was confirmed as
N. seriolae by a polymerase chain reaction assay that
gave the expected specific 432 bp amplicon. In
addition, its 16S rDNA sequence gave 100% sequence
identity with N. seriolae. A partial sequence
of the 16S rRNA gene, heat shock protein gene and
RNA polymerase gene (rpo B) of NS127 and the
type strain of N. seriolae BCRC 13745 formed a
monophyletic clade with a high sequence similarity
and bootstrap value of 99.9%. White nodules
induced in experimental fish were similar to naturally
infected cases and N. seriolae was re-isolated on
brain heart infusion agar. This is the first report
of N. seriolae-infection in three striped tigerfish in

期刊名稱Journal of Fish Diseases
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