A Service-Aware Home Networking System Based on OSGi

in National workshop (full text oral presentation), 國內研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題A Service-Aware Home Networking System Based on OSGi
Authors, 楊智堯, 陳玉貞, Hsu-Yang Kung 龔旭陽, Chun-Hao Lin 林淳皓, & Shin-Di Li 李欣諦
出版日期Dec 7 2009 12:0

In this paper, we proposed an OSGi -based Serviceaware
Home Networking System (SAHN), which
coordinates the integrated heterogeneity of internet
interfaces and provides the service information
exchange between mobile appliances of home
networking and Internet service providers. SAHN
system further assists users to discover the home
networking services via the internet and to execute the
chosen service by the proposed S-PnP mechanism. The
S-PnP mechanism lets users use services from the
internet immediately. S-PnP mechanism can shorten
the service activation time by processing the automatic
service plug-and-play procedure and accomplishes
services discovery mechanism efficiently with flexibility
and extensibility in the universal operation

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