Disaster Ambulance Assign Based on Genetic Algorithms

in National workshop (full text oral presentation), 國內研討會(全文口頭發表)
標題Disaster Ambulance Assign Based on Genetic Algorithms
AuthorsHsu-Yang Kung, 龔旭陽, Che-I Wu 吳哲一, Li-Chia Kuo 郭俐佳, 林書漢, & Chi-Hua Chen 陳志華
出版日期Nov 27 2007 12:0

There are many various natural disasters and artificial factors recent years in Taiwan, and the high probability of natural disasters occur. For example, the 921 earthquake in 2000 caused a lot of loose soil, and there are many sediment disasters in mountain area to cause the damage of people's lives and properties. When disasters happen, how to effectively guide the victims to escape the ambulance and provide necessary material assistance for the victims and loss to a minimum quantities, that relief work will be an important aspect of preparedness and response. On the process of disaster management and emergency response, there are no places of refuge and the integrity of the relevant medical information closely that relates to the geographic and attribute information and evacuation road. And rescue center will be unable to comprehend the current situation and only depend on a traditional experience determining, the disaster will cause unnecessary deaths and injuries. In this paper, it is to design "The Optimum Path of Disaster Ambulance System (OPDAS)." This OPDAS will automatic to scheme the best adaptable escape route which provides and guide users the escape route and harbor place, and combines GIS, GPS, and mobile devices to confirm user’s position. It will integrate of the efficiency model of technology and prevention to reduce waste of resources.

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